Holistic Practitioner

The word holistic means “dealing with the whole.” From this definition, we understand holistic medicine involves the wellness of the whole person. A holistic practitioner will treat not only the physical ailment or condition, but also the emotional, mental and even spiritual aspects that aggravate the condition.

This means that we are looking for you.

If you are wanting to be part of an amazing team that works cooperatively together with other natural therapists as well as professional practitioners in the medical and mental health space then Crestpoint House is the place for you.   We are creating a space that is open to support the community in every possible manner.

We have GP’s, Psychologists & Clinical Psychs, Counselling and Holistic Counselling, Kinesiology, Natural Therapists, Mentors and Coaches as well as all manner of mental health & wellness practitioners.  Join this growing and dynamic team today, submit your enquiry below

Rent a room / space for your own private practice from as little as $200 per month *terms apply

See clients in a well balanced, comfortable and professional environment within Crestpoint Wellbeing Centre