Holistic Podiatrists

Imagine if you couldn’t walk, how would you feel about your life?

We often take our feet for granted and underestimate the importance of great foot care.  Your local Podiatrist is fully aware of how important taking care of your feet are.  This can affect your entire body system and without our health, very little else can get done if we are unable to function within our bodies.

Crestpoint is home to some of the best expertise when it comes to health and wellness, so it only is fitting that we have a spectacular Podiatrist Practitioner onboard.

If you are great at what you do and looking for the right opportunity within a great space alongside wonderful people in the mental health and wellness arena, then Crestpoint House is the best place in town.

Grow and expand your network by having complimentary practitioners working alongside you.  Refer to the GP, gain balance with a Dietitian for your clients nutrition, and support their mental wellbeing through some adjustment to injury counselling.  We are all here under the one roof.

Start your private practice from as little as $200 per month *terms apply, submit your interest below