When people are finding change difficult, they can often turn to alternative methods to assist and support that transition

Hypnotherapy is a great way to tap into the subconscious without the need for traumatic or painful information coming to the person’s attention while trying to resolve some issues that have been deeply ingrained within them

Crestpoint House is a Wellbeing Centre that allows for different practitioners of a variety of modalities to provide treatment and therapy solutions for their clients.   We have consulting rooms available that are affordable.  This allows a safe and comfortable space for therapists and practitioners to operate and see clients privately.

Rooms are available immediately and prices start from as little as $200 per month * terms apply.

Crestpoint House and Crestpoint Wellbeing Centre is dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.  We aim to be the biggest Mental Health & Wellness space in Brisbane.  The first point of call for happiness and wellbeing in Mount Gravatt Brisbane.  For more information, enquire below